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Published in US May 2021 and in UK, July 1st, 2021
Published by McBooks Press - an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield
book cover of The Sea of Silence

The war moves to the Americas as Captain Nathan Peake, freed from service in the Royal Navy, is secretly commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to command a naval operation in the Caribbean Sea to frustrate plans for a new French Empire on the North American mainland which would pose an existential threat to the infant United States.

With Europe temporarily at peace, Napoleon Bonaparte has dispatched his victorious army with a vast fleet to the Caribbean. Its aim is to re-impose French authority in the region, and then occupy a vast swathe of territory from New Orleans to the Canada border and westward from the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains.
But but first they must re-conquer Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) where they are opposed by rebel slaves led by the African general Toussaint L'Ouverture.   

Nathan is sent from England in the 16-gun Falaise - a captured French corvette, crewed by British and American sailors, and tasked with disrupting French supply lines and running guns to the rebel forces.   

But if they are caught they will be disowned by the British and US governments and very likely hanged by the French as pirates.   

His latest mission will lead Nathan into a running battle with the French Navy in the troubled waters of the Caribbean, an increasingly desperate involvement in one of the most brutal conflicts in colonial warfare, a dangerous liaison with Pauline Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon and wife of the French commander, and a battle of ideas and ideologies that persists to the present day.

The Time of Terror - No 1 in the Nathan Peake series - was No 1 in Kindle downloads in the War genre in the US; No 3 for all historical fiction; and #57 in General Fictiion....

Number 1 Kindle Downloads

#1 in Kindle downloads in War genre
#3 Historical fiction
#57 General fiction
July 2017 

What the critics are saying...                                                                            

 'A more natural storyteller’s eye than Patrick O’Brian… well wrought and deftly told’ Sunday Telegraph

‘This book has it all … will be welcomed by lovers of historical naval fiction’ Daily Mail

‘The action is handled with complete assurance and all matters nautical carry the requisite salty whiff of authenticity… Hunter keeps the plot continually on the boil’ Yorkshire Evening Post

‘I’m already looking forward to the next instalment.  A highly compelling read.’ Historial Novels Review

A compelling read, imaginative, knowledgeable, fast-moving... full of twists and turns' Naval Review

'will exceed expectations of lovers of historical fiction. Anyone who appreciates excellent prose, witty anecdotes, complex action, intertwining plots, and all-round great writing will anxiously await the next installment' ForeWord Reviews

Hunter delivers another slick nautical adventure in the Patrick O'Brian tradition... The rousing naval battles, twisty plot, and muscular prose lift Hunter's nautical yarn a few notches above the competition - Publishers Weekly

What readers are saying....

The Tide of War by Seth Hunter... Goodreads
Absolutely loved this, the second in the Nathan Peake series, though, confusingly enough, the third I've read. With less of the eighteenth century spy, and more of the traditional naval historical fiction about it, this book proved to be more than the equal of the great masters of this genre in my opinion. I find Peake a much more honest and believable human being than the Bolithos or Maturins of other authors, and considerably more personable than that loveable brooding landlubber, Dick Sharpe. Thankfully there are a couple more of his stories out there for me to read, though I fear, like Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe, I'm going to soon catch up and find myself desperately awaiting the authors latest installment.  Booklovers Melbourne

All-action cross between a spy thriller and a naval adventure, set in the Caribbean and Mississippi Delta in 1794-1795 in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Think of a frigate-captain seafaring story with a dash of James Bond thrown in.  Carla Nayland

Another good sea tale that belongs in the company of Horatio Hornblower and Lucky Jack Aubrey. Nathan Peake, newly made captain, faces pirates, mutineers, hurricanes, and of course that ultimate enemy -- The French. 
I enjoyed his cynical attitude towards politics, as illustrated in the excerpt below where Captain Peake is talking with an ally who is a Spanish monk: 
"So God and His Britannic Majesty are on the same side in this war?"
"It is unusual, I agree--but yes, it would seem so, for the time being. As we face a common enemy."
"Satan? Or the French?"
"You are splitting hairs. At least while the French pursue their current policies with regard to the Church of Rome."  Lisa                    





       The Used Women’s Book Club, Bloomsbury, June, 2003

A satire on contemporary sexual mores and a guided tour to the city’s murderous past tied by literary threads and haunted by ghosts…. Bryers writes with freshness, wit and a lively appreciation of a city’s dark history. Chris Petit, The Guardian 


Bryers gives his smart sex comedy a black but hopeful heart and a sharp sense of what it’s like to live in contemporary London…. Witty, acerbic, 99.9 per cent excellent.  Literary Review.           

       Erudite and witty but always gripping, Bryers has produced a top-drawer thriller.
         Good Book Guide.

The Prayer of the Bone, Bloomsbury, Random House 


An elegant and unearthly literary mystery… told lyrically by Bryers, a careful stylist who selects even the simplest words with the discriminating eye of a shore walker gathering small, smooth stones washed up from the sea.   New York Times


Stylish, intricate…Bryers’s novel has the same atmospheric intensity as Snow Falling on Cedars, replacing David Guterson’s Amero-Japanese culture clash   with 350 years of suspicion between colonised and English colonisers” – Sunday Times.


In A Pig’s Ear, Bloomsbury, Farrar Strauss and Giroux 


Bubbling with rare charms and full of spell-binding irony, In A Pig’s Ear, foams away like a magic potion - potent, effervescent, intoxicating.  Its heady cocktail of legends past and modern grotesques forms a rapturous tale, rich in symbolism, disturbing in humour. TLS

      Also published by Bloomsbury

Coming First

The Adultery Department  

‘A rollicking Metropolitan comedy of manners... genuinely laugh-aloud funny’ Independent on Sunday 


Absorbing and well-written… Bryers may well be the best of his type now operating’ Nick Hornby, Sun Times 


‘A literate, sympathetic modern comedy and a satisfyingly accurate picture of these sinning times’ GQ 


‘As near as anything I’ve seen to being the Lucky Jim of the eighties,’ Stanley Reynolds, Sunday Mirror 


‘Shrewd satirical observation and a good deal of excellent slapstick,’ Observer 


‘A very funny novel... full of jokes and consistently enjoyable’ Daily Telegraph 


‘As a storyteller Bryers is superb’ Time Out







'Part His Dark Materials with some of Harry Potter's darker moments... Paul Bryers takes the reader on a page-turning ride as enthralling as it is fantastic'  BookBag


  'A gripping fantasy tale told by a master of his art... a fabulous book.'
 Teach Primary

'As a storyteller, Paul Bryers is superb.'  Time Out













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