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writer and director

A Strike Out of Time (C4), written and directed by Paul Bryers, was so good and gripping that you would have sworn you didn’t know how the miners’ strike ended.  You hung in there like a fish on a gaff waiting to find out. Nancy Banks-Smith, The Guardian

A startlingly original program…. the seamless interweaving of fact and analysis marked a significant evolution of the drama-documentary form.  The Observer


A Vote for Hitler(C4): As an unusual stab at the vexed form of faction, Bryers’s film bore favourable comparison with its most obvious precursor, Warren Beatty’s costly Reds.    

The Independent 



Queen Victoria's Empire 4-part series on PBS produced, written and directed by Paul Bryers, Narrated by Donald Sutherland.   Winner Outstanding Achievement Award NY Film Festival, see Review NY Times. 

The Line in Seven Wonders of the Industrial World,BBC-2, BAFTA finalist Best Documentary Series.   Written and Directed by Paul Bryers


Writer/Producer BBC History – developing series of dramas on the lives of six military leaders: Napoleon, Richard the Lionheart, Spartacus, Attila, Cortes and Tokugawa Ieyasu. 


Co-producer/writer 'Nelson’s Trafalgar' – 90-minute docudrama on the life and death of Admiral Nelson for Channel Four.  Finalist Grierson awards, Best Historical Documentary.


Writer/director 'Murder at Canterbury' and 'Flood at Winchester' in BBC2 series about dramatic events in the history of famous British cathedrals: with Larry Lamb, David Burke and Miles Anderson.   

Writer/ director 'The Line' – docudrama on the building of the world's first transcontinental railroad across the US in the 1860s -  BBC2’s Seven Industrial Wonders of the World.   Finalist 2004 Bafta Awards – Best Factual Series. 


Series writer/director 'Harem': docudrama series for Channel Four on the life of Hurrem, wife of Suleiman the Magnificent and the rule of women in the Ottoman seraglio during the 16th and 17th centuries.


Series producer, writer/director of 'Queen Victoria’s Empire' with Donald Sutherland.   Brook Lapping Productions for PBS and Channel Five.  Outstanding achievement award New York Film Festival.

Writer/Director Series 1 'Tales from the Tower' for Ardent /TLC about prisoners of the Tower of London with Oliver Cotton, Celia Imrie and Miriam Margolis.


Writer/Director of two films for a Channel Four season on the theme of democracy: 'Fireworks' (drama) and 'ABC of Democracy' (drama-documentary) – with Oliver Cotton Alex Kingston, Larry Lamb, Ian Macniece and Jan Ravens.


Director 'The Golden Years' by Arthur Miller -  Channel Four drama based on Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico, with Ronald Pickup, Robert Powell and Kathy Tyson.


Writer/Director ‘Incident in Judea’ adapted from Mikhael Bulhagov’s novel ‘The Master and Margarita’ for Brook Lapping/Channel Four with Jim Carter, Mark Rylance and John Woodvine.


Writer/Director ‘A Strike Out of Time’ docudrama for Brook Lapping/Channel Four on the 1985 British miners’ strike. 


Writer/Director ‘A Vote For Hitler’ - docudrama for Brook Lapping/Channel Four on the 1938 Munich crisis and the Oxford by-election of that year with Anton Lesser, Sylvestra Le Touzel and John Woodvine.


Additionally, Paul Bryers has produced and directed many docudramas and documentaries including 'The Essential History of Germany' for BBC-2 and 'The Great Nazi Cash Swindle' for Channel Four.  


Dramas for BBC Radio 4 include 'The Dancing Faun' with Alison Steadman, 'The Floating Republic' with Brian Cox, 'The Legion of the Lost' and 'The File on Leo Kaplan'; and for the theatre the factually-based drama 'Fen Fever' about the 17th century draining of the fens.







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